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Hey, I’m Brandy Rose!

I started TikTok with no experience and had no idea what I was doing, but as I posted more and more, everything became so different. One of my videos blew up, and I was freaking out! So that encouraged me to continue. Fast forward, I somehow became huge on TikTok, which is crazy to me still to this day! Now I’m here with my website?! Remember, if you have a dream, NEVER give up on it. You will achieve it one day, I promise. It just takes time and dedication.


Welcome to your Safe Space!

This website is a space where kids can have fun and feel safe without judgment! It’s where family and kids of all ages can meet and play together! Most importantly, we want a kid to feel like a kid. If you’re ever feeling bored, lonely, stressed, or even anxious, know that our products help with those things. It’s always best to keep your brain busy during this time. We want to contribute to helping you increase your focus and concentration in a fun and exciting way!


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